We Care Centre

Life in Abundance and Life in Dignity


To help the helpless, enhance the dignity of the underprivileged.

We Care Centre is a secular, humanitarian, non-political, non-profit, charitable society.

This organisation is a mother NGO, coordinating the functions of other social service organisations which have various charitable initiatives, programmes and projects without discriminating on the basis of cast, sex, age, ideology and religion.

Since 1996, it targeted the needs and the rights of persons with disabilities, abandoned women and children, physically / mentally challenged persons, old age and bed ridden patients.  This centre provides viable assistance like education, medicine, marriage, housing and direction to those in need and those needing a helping hand so that they can help themselves and attain self – reliance. 

Appropriate and timely case sensitive rehabilitation programmes are initiated to give the beneficiaries a future and the hope of a dignified life. Based on our services, We Care Centre recently started research and publication.

Do Good … and … Be Merciful 


We Care Centre is committed to uplifting the poor, the downtrodden, the differently-abled, the forsaken and the abandoned by providing physical, psychological, economic and social support to ensure that men and women enjoy basic dignity as human beings and can gradually integrate into the mainstream of society.


  1. To develop models of Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Centres (PRC)
  2. To organize models of disability rehabilitation services using life span approach
  3. To work in partnership with government and non- government agencies
  4. To conduct research using the service models under We Care Centre
  5. To publish books and journals related to the field